What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Shake Roofing?

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Shake Roofing?

There Are Many Benefits of Installing Synthetic Shake Roofing To Your Home.

One of the most beautiful roofing systems on the market is wood shake roofs. They are pretty and add a unique look to any home. However, maintenance can be tough and there is always the fear of a non-fire resistant roof. Fortunately, you can get the look of a wood shake roof without all that hassle. There are many synthetic shake roofing systems that look like the real thing! Below are some of the benefits of synthetic shake roofing.

Easier Installation

Unlike a roof wood shake roof, synthetic shake roofs are easier to install. Real wood shake roofs need to be installed a precise way, so if it’s messed up, you are looking at a non-functioning roof. Luckily, the synthetic shake is very simple to install.

Mold Resistant

There is always the fear that your wood shake roof will become prone to mold, wood rot, and even insect infestation. Synthetic shake roofs are perfect because they are resistant to all of those things.

Weather Resistant

With severe storms, there is always the chance that your wood shake roof will become damaged due to hail and high winds. With a synthetic shake roof, you can feel secure knowing your roofing system is resistant to hail and powerful winds.


The biggest fear of having a real wood shake roof is that it will catch on fire; if that happens, it will have devastating effects. Synthetic shake is great because you can get the look of wood but not have to worry about it catching on fire.

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