How Do You Stop a Leaking Roof?

Woman uses a bowl to catch water after a bad roof leak collapses her ceiling

Call us and schedule a roof inspection to ensure your roof leak never gets this bad

Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for potential problems with their house. The most obvious problems are emergencies, like an overflowing toilet, a broken window, or a power outage. In Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction, homeowners have to be worried about bad storms and extreme weather linked to tornadoes. But what happens when you notice a small problem that isn’t getting better on its own, and is only getting worse? This is the case for a roof leak. The longer the leak is allowed to persist, the worse it can get. Do you need roof repair, or is something else causing a problem with your ceiling? Is your roof leak is considered an emergency? How do you know what to do if your roof is leaking?

Signs of Roof Damage

First you need to determine whether or not your roof is damaged before you can figure out if you need roof repairs. Leaks can cause damage to many areas around your home including:

  • Walls and ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Attic area
  • Roof structure

Some of these indicators are easier to spot than others if your roof leak is not particularly bad yet.

Water Stains: If moisture is getting in to your roof or attic, it can cause discoloration where it is pooling. If you suspect a leak, but it is not a continuous leak, this is the most likely indicator.

Wet Spots / Sagging: A continuous leaking roof means water discoloration may still be there, but the roof will remain wet. A roof saturated with water will also begin to sag after a while as water collects. A continuous leak is more of an emergency than one that has time to dry and stain.

Concentrated Floor Damage: If you step in a wet spot on your carpet, or notice a saturated area on your wooden floor, it may not be a floor leak. It could mean water is dripping in to one particular area from the ceiling. Always check to make sure the water isn’t coming from above before examining below.

Wall / Wallpaper Damage: If the roof leak is happening over a wall, you may not notice damage to the ceiling itself. Instead, it may be causing water to run down your walls and damage them instead. Water stains are a possibility, as well as mildew or mold. However, this could also be a pinhole leak from your plumbing, so consider looking into thermal camera water leak detection to nail down the cause of your water-damaged wall.

Damaged Attic: Just because there is no damage to your ceiling doesn’t mean there is no leak. Check your attic if you believe the roof above it might be damaged. If you see warped plywood, pools of water, or wet insulation, you may need roof repairs. This is also true if you can see pinholes of light making it in to your attic from outside. If light can get through something other than a window, so can water and other elements. There is also the possibility of damaged rafters in your attic. If you see elements of the roof itself sagging, or wooden beams in your attic beginning to warp, this could be from leaking moisture.

Shingle Damage: Consider grabbing a ladder and examining the roof itself. Shingles can show obvious signs of damage that can lead to leaks. Any shingles that are missing could mean water is seeping in to the roof itself. Any shingles that have debris between or under them could be holding moisture and have the potential to rot or to already be rotting. If the shingles are curled back, this can mean extreme wind damaged your roof and there may be a leak somewhere. If there are shingles that are missing their water repelling granules, this could be another problem that allows moisture to enter your home.

Storm Damage: Sometimes extreme weather, like tornadoes, is accompanied by a storm that produces hail. Hail impacts can leave many small dents and impact points on your roof, but a piece of hail at the right speed and angle can put a small hole in your roof. If left undetected, it can allow in the elements, driving up your power bill and causing more damage to your roof. If you had a particularly bad storm pass over your house, you should consider checking to make sure the storm didn’t damage your home.

Foreign Objects / Obvious Damage: If a large tree branch falls on to your roof, there is potential for the impact point to become a problem area. It may even leave an actual hole in your roof. Damage like this is easier to spot as long as you’re looking for it. If debris has landed on your roof and damaged it, you should remove it before trying to assess the extent of the damage.

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

Wooden beams are damaged

If you have a leak in your roof, call us out to take a look. We can determine the location and fix it quickly.

You’ve inspected for problems, and found one. Your roof has a leak in it, causing water to come in and pool on your ceiling. If the roof only seems to leak during minor weather, it is more than likely not an emergency. If your roof starts leaking during a long or particularly heavy period of rain, that could turn into an emergency very quickly. If heavy rain has found its way into your roof, the continuous flow of the water into your ceiling could damage the structure of your home. But can a leaking roof collapse? Yes. No roof will collapse when immediately introduced to water. However, the longer the leak is allowed to go on, the more the structure rots, the more the ceiling integrity becomes compromised, and the more potential there is for a leaky ceiling to suddenly be falling down in pieces.

Temporary and Permanent Roof Repair

If you’re looking for how to make an emergency roof repair, consider putting together an emergency roof repair kit. Most people believe they won’t need one until it’s too late. To make one, gather a tarp or tarps, a few sheets of rubber, rubber sealant, and duct tape. It’s also a good idea to have smaller patches available for smaller holes in the roof or ceiling. By fixing a tarp with pins and sealant, you can help keep water from making it in to the damaged area while it rains. This can help minimize the spread of roof leaks. These kits are only temporary solutions, however, and are not efficient substitutes for roof repairs.

How much does it cost to put a tarp on a roof? If you’re worried about putting the tarp on your roof by yourself, you can have it done professionally. It will depend on the size of the hole you need patched, but having a temporary tarp put on your roof can cost approximately between $500 to $700.

Two contractors install drywall roofing after making roof repairs

After we’ve fixed the leak from the outside, we’ll get your home back to normal inside.

How much does roof repair cost? Emergency roof repair in Oklahoma City, OK varies in pricing and specialty. It will also depend on the size and extent of the damage to your roof and ceiling. If the leak is small and requires sealing a leak combined with replacing and resealing a small amount of shingles, the cost will be considerably less than if a tree falls on your house and creates a hole the size of a small dog. Prices can fluctuate between approximately $150 and $1200. This does not account for the possibility of a complete roof replacement, however. The higher prices for larger problems are why you should always seek emergency repair for a leaking roof if you believe the problem will only get worse. There are businesses that offer 24 hour emergency roof repair for people with the most extreme roof leaks. Contacting a contractor is the most efficient way to stop a small roof leak from turning into a leaking roof emergency. If you’re in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK and need regular or emergency roof repair, contact the experts of Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction at (405) 470-9115.

When Roof Replacement is Needed

When your commercial roof is damaged, it’s important to know whether the roof needs to be replaced or repaired. While repairs are the more affordable service, sometimes they just are practical or sensible from a financial standpoint. However, when you contact a roofer, they will be able to determine if you need a commercial building roof replacement or repair by inspecting the roofing system. The most typical reasons that a roof will need to be replaced are

  • Blisters on the surface of the roof.
  • Leaking that is going into your building.
  • The roof has been repaired a number of times.
  • There are very long cracks on the surface of the roof.
  • The roofing system is over 25 or 30 years old.
  • The seam of the roofing system is loose.
  • UV exposure has damaged the roof.
  • There has been a lack of maintenance on the roof.

If your commercial roof exhibits any of these issues, your roofing contractor is going to recommend that you get a roof replacement. If there are only minor issues with the roof, repairs will be the best bet for your roof. The most common types of commercial roofs are flat roofs, so if you are needing a new roof for your building, it’s important to consider your roof replacement options.

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement Options

Since commercial flat roofs are extremely popular, knowing what the roof material options are will make it easier when you are in the process of replacing your roof. There are a couple of commercial flat roofing materials to choose from.

Built Up Roofing

A Man Applying a PVC Membrane To a Roof

Flat Roof Replacement Options Include Built Up Roofing, Modified Bitumen, Roof Coatings, and Single Ply Roofing.

One of the most well-liked commercial flat roof options on the market is a built up roof. A built up roof is a roof that is made of several layers of fabric, asphalt, and gravel, which is why they are referred to as tar or gravel roofs. It’s a very inexpensive commercial roof, is fire resistant, and a great insulator, but the weight of the material can be pretty heavy on a roof.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is rolls are roofing that is made of asphalt. A great thing about this commercial roof choice is that it’s eco-friendly, is very durable, and can reflect sunlight, so it protects your roof from UV ray damage. However, it can become susceptible to damages if there is a lot of foot traffic on the roof because modified bitumen can tear easily when there is a lot of impact on it.

Roof Coatings

If your roof is on the verge of needing a roof replacement, getting a roof coating might be able to extend the lifespan. Instead of having your entire roof torn off, a roof coating can be applied directly to the roof and seal up any damages. There are four options for roof coatings, acrylic, elastomeric, polyurea, and silicone. If your roof is too damaged, then you might not qualify for a roof coating.

Single Ply Roofing

What is a single ply roofing system? A single ply roof is a roof membrane that has two types of membranes, thermoplastic, and thermoset. Single ply roofs are installed using one layer of membrane, which is able to protect a roofing system from UV damage and is completely waterproof. There three types of single ply roofs to choose from, EPDM, PVC, and TPO. Because the membranes are thin, they can be torn easily.

In terms of roofing, single ply roofs, tend to be the most popular when someone needs a roof replacement. There are many manufacturers who develop single ply roofs, with Duro-Last being the most popular. What is Duro-Last roofing? Duro-Last fabricates single ply membranes that are used on flat roofing systems. What is Duro-Last Roofing made of? The single ply roofing system that Duro-Last makes is PVC, so when people ask is Duro-Last PVC or TPO, the answer is PVC roofing. If you want a good material for your roof replacement, Duro-Last PVC roofing is a great choice.

Duro-Last Fully Adhered

A Picture of a Roll of PVC Membrane

Knowing the Cost and Lifespan of Duro-Last Can Help You Make a Better Decision.

When someone wants a Duro-Last PVC roof for their commercial property, it’s important to know that certain guidelines need to be followed. These guidelines include having a roofer who is licensed to install Duro-Last, the membrane needs to be installed correctly, needs to following building codes, as well as plumbing and electrical codes, and the proper equipment and also a roof inspection need to be administered before a Duro-Last roof can be installed on a commercial building. While that’s important to know, many commercial property owners who are interested in Duro-Last, want to know, “How much does a Duro last roof cost?” and “How long does a Duro last roof last?” These are important things to know, as a new roofing system is an investment for a building. The average price per square feet for this type of roofing is going to range from $2.50 to  $3.75. In terms of how long this roofing system will last, it will last up to 15 or 30 years on a commercial roof. So while the upfront expense of the roof is going to be higher, it’s going to last for several decades.

If you are wanting a Duro-Last roof for your roof replacement in Oklahoma City, OK, call the experts at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction. Just as you wouldn’t call any plumber if you had freezing pipes, you wouldn’t call any roofer to install Duro-Last roofing. To get more information about our roofing company and our services, call us at (405) 470-9115.

How To Keep Your Home Safe


Couple Studying Plans

Keeping Your Home Safe Is An Important Part Of Being a Homeowner.

Keeping your home safe can mean one of two things: actual home protection or making changes or additions to keep your home running smoothly. Both of these are important and are something you should think about doing to keep your home running as safe as possible. Taking care of a home is not always an easy task, but in order for you to keep yourself happy and comfortable in your home, steps will need to be taken in order for that to happen.

4 Ways To Improve Your Homes Safety

Roof inspection – Roof inspections should be done once a year. This will help keep your roof in the best shape possible so that there is no surprising damage that pops up out of nowhere. Also, roof replacements can be very expensive so it is best to avoid that for as long as you can.

Roof Repairs – Once you have done your inspection, you will know if you need a roof repair. This will help you to avoid things like water damage from happening and spreading.

Gutter Installation – Installing gutters will keep the water from gathering up next to your home and possibly causing slab damage in the future.

Fence Installation – Installing a fence is good for safety because people cannot get into your yard as easy. It is also a good thing to have for extra security and privacy.

If you need a roof inspection in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK, call Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction at (405) 470-9115, today.

Reducing Heating Costs This Winter

During the Winter, most homeowners report that their home energy costs increase drastically. This is because oftentimes, heat will escape from your home, leaving your heater to work harder to keep the area warm. However, there are measures, such as roof repair, that you can take to prevent heat from escaping and reduce your energy bill during even the coldest months. The most effective ways to keep your energy costs down are:

Our Team Offers Roof Repair to Keep Your Home Warm All Winter.

Keep Your Family Warmer This Winter by Optimizing Your Home’s Insulation.

  • Resealing your windows and doors
  • Repairing Damaged Roof Materials
  • Ensuring that your heater is in proper condition
  • Inspect your roof insulation and underlayment

These small tasks can drastically reduce heat loss in your home and ensure minimal energy use.

How Does My Roof Affect my Heating Bill?

Much of your home’s heat escapes through your roof, doors, and windows. Doors and windows allow heat to escape quickly. Your roof system can also allow heat to escape when it’s damaged or worn. Because heat rises, a damaged roof can be detrimental to a heating bill. After resealing your doors and windows, ensure that your curtains are in place to help block cold air. Also, it’s important to ensure that your heater is working in optimal condition. A heater that is worn or damaged can use considerably more energy than an effective system. Other than windows, doors, and your heating system, your roof is the largest contributor to heat loss in the Winter. Ensure your roof’s materials are intact and in place to reduce heat loss. Also inspect the insulation and roof underlayment from inside your attic to eliminate heat escape from holes, tears, and poor insulation.

Your Local Roof Repair Team

The Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction team is here to provide you with the experienced, professional roof repair and maintenance you need in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK. We provide quick, reliable repair to any type of roof system to keep your home warm and cozy all Winter long. Call (405) 470-9115 for roof repair in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK that you can rely on.

What Storm Damage Can Do To Your Roof

Storm Damage

Don’t Let Your Roof Get Ruined By a Storm.

If you’ve ever seen what major storms can do, you will see very quickly that a weak roof will never stand a chance. Unfortunately, even roofs that have been well taken care of or have strong material, can still get trampled by the likes of a large storm. The best thing that you can do is be as prepared as possible. We have seen a lot of storm damage happen in our years of roofing, some of it mild, and some of it pretty bad. If your roof has any damage to it like missing shingles before a storm occurs, heavy wind can rip shingles right off of your roof. When this happens, it opens up your home to water damage. Storms also bring hail sometimes and hail can be just as destructive. When hail happens, it can leave large dents and holes in your roof that can let water in as well and weaken the structure of your entire roofing system. Storm damage doesn’t only affect your roof though, it can damage the structure of your home and even knock fences down causing an entire rebuild of your fence. Make sure that you are prepared for a storm and don’t let damage happen to you.

How To Prepare For a Storm

A storm can come out of nowhere, causing serious damage to happen on your roof. Before a storm hits, you should make sure that your roof is in the best shape possible. This will help you be prepared in case of this. The first major thing that you can do is to get an inspection done. An inspector will be able to point out any problems with your roof and give you quotes on what it would cost to have it fixed. This is great because if you have missing or loose shingles, you can get them repaired before a storm hits and rips them off for you, leaving damage along the way.

Your Roofing Experts

Storms are no joke, but when you have Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction on your side, you don’t have to worry. We will make sure that you are prepared for a storm and if you do end up with storm damage, you should consider calling us first. If you have storm damage in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK, call (405) 470-9115 and let our professionals help you out today.

The Difference Between Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit

Many people have never heard of the terms fascia or soffit before. Of if they have, they just know that they are part of the gutter system. But what do fascia and soffit do that differentiate themselves from gutters? This blog post briefly explains the core aspects of these three parts of the roof.


For Fascia, Soffit, or Gutters Installation or Repair, Call Us Today!

Fascia is the exposed section beneath your gutter at the end of your roof. When you are under your house or porch and look up to see wood beams below your gutters, that is the fascia. The fascia takes most of the damage and frequently needs repair as water splash off rots the wood. Fascia repair is affordable because it is just replacing the wood beam or repainting it.


Soffit is the exposed section beneath an overhanging eave or part of the roof. If your house has gables or a pointed roof, the soffit is easily noticeable as it is the painted wood underside of the shingle or brick roofing material. Soffit is vital in helping to ventilate the attic and keep the house cool.


The gutter system is a form of drain tubes and pipes that are installed all around the base of the roof to catch runoff rainwater. This helps to prevent the roof from overflow, collapse, or leaks from the water pooling with nowhere to drain. The gutters lead the runoff water safely to the downspout at the bottom of the drainage system near the grass where it is fed into the grass.

If you need gutters, soffit, or fascia repair in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK, call Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction at (405) 470-9115 today.

Signs You Need a New Shingle Roof


New Shingle Roof

Missing and Damaged Roof Materials Clearly Signal the Need for a New Shingle Roof.

Asphalt shingles offer a great deal of economy and value, and come in a huge range of colors to make an attractive addition to any house. Features like these help to explain the incredible popularity of asphalt shingles, which have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. Like any exterior component of your home, however, your shingle roof will eventually wear out. If you notice any of the following signs, you probably need a new shingle roof.

Missing Shingles

A number of missing shingles provides a clear sign you need a replacement roof. If your roof is relatively new, missing shingles indicate either flawed materials or an inadequate installation. As roofs age, it also becomes much easier for shingles to come loose. While replacement of individual shingles is certainly viable, the loss of a great number can only be resolved with a new shingle roof.

Damaged Shingles

Like missing shingles, damaged ones leave your home highly vulnerable to leaks. You can detect signs of damage on shingles through a visual review. If you notice any cracked, curled, or creased shingles, call a trusted roofer for an inspection. If a high percentage of your roof shingles have sustained damage, then you’ll save money on repairs through the installation of a new shingle roof.

Old Age

As a roof ages, it loses its ability to endure damage from storms or other sources. Years of storms and wind will have left unseen damage that can weaken a roof and prime it for failure. If you have had the same roof for 15 to 20 years, schedule an inspection right away. Though the roof may look fine, it could harbor severe damage.

If you think you may need a new shingle roof in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK, reach out to the team at Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction. We provide exceptional roofing service, and are available anytime at (405) 470-9115.

Benefits of Getting A Synthetic Slate Roof

Slate roofing is one of the most expensive roofing materials around, but for good reason. It is extremely heavy but durable, with roofs built with slate lasting for centuries. If your roof cannot support the weight of real slate or it is out of your price range, consider synthetic slate roofing. The benefits of getting a synthetic slate roof are:


Costing about half as much as a real slate, a synthetic slate roof is way more affordable but provides the same benefits as the real thing.

Our Expert Roofers Can Install Your New Synthetic Slate Roof

Energy Efficient

A synthetic slate roof can reflect the sun, helping to cool your home and reduce your electric bill.


Natural slate panels can break easily when dropped. Synthetic slate panels are more durable as they are not made out of real stone. If they do break, they are easily replicated and replaced unlike natural slate where you can never get an exact match since it came from real stone. Natural slate can crack under extreme temperatures. Synthetic slate is designed to withstand even fire.


Slate roofs are gorgeous and give your home an elegant, classic feel. This will help boost your home’s curb appeal should you ever sell it. With the replication of a synthetic slate roof, you can get the same look but at a fraction of the price.


If you are interested in getting synthetic slate roof installation in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK, call Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction at (405) 470-9115 today.

Repair or Replace: 3 Questions to Answer First

There’s a time to repair your roof and a time to replace it altogether.  The upkeep of your roof is an important part of maintaining your home’s value.  Take a moment and answer these three questions before you choose whether to repair or replace your roof.

3 Questions

Man Attaches Shingles with Nail Gun

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Rooftop? How Much Will You Pay Now vs Later?

#1 Am I covered?  Take another look at your insurance policy. Call your agent. Does your policy only protect you against storm damage, or does it also include end-of-life replacement? Knowing your coverage will help you find out which options are financially viable for your home. If your insurance will cover the complete cost of replacing your roof, it may be time to take advantage. Look to our previous post to find how to file your insurance claim for roof damage.

#2 How much am I paying (now and later)?  Consider the short-term and long-term investments you’ll need to make if you repair or replace your roof.  If you repair one section of your shingles now to extend your roof life five years and will have to pay more to replace the other sections later, is it a fiscally prudent option to replace your whole roof now?

#3 If I replace my roof, will I need to tear out my old roof?  Sometimes it’s possible to save money when replacing your shingled roof by building on top of it.  Again, this is a now or later investment question. Tearing out the old roof now often offers more flexibility to make repairs and improvements later.  

Talk with one of our roofing specialists at (405) 470-9115 to find out which option is most viable for your home and budget.  We’ll be happy to take care of your repairs or roofing replacement in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK.

How to File a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

If your commercial or residential roofing materials have recently been damaged by a severe storm, you may be thinking about filing a roof damage insurance claim to help pay for the repairs that are needed. If this is your first time filing a claim with your insurance company, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction is here to help you better understand and file your roof damage insurance claim. Give us a call today to get started.

3 Easy Steps to File Your Insurance Claim

Paperwork for a Roof Damage Insurance Claim

Contact Our Office If You Need Assitance Filing a Roof Damage Insurance Claim.

Filing a Roof damage insurance claim is actually not as complicated as it might seem. There are three simple steps that need to be taken before you can start repairing your roofing materials.

Hire a Roofer for an Inspection
The first thing you need to do if you’re thinking about filing a claim is to hire a professional roofer to inspect the damage on your roof and fill out a roof damage report.

Fill Out the Paperwork
Your insurance company will have a form that you have to fill out and send in with the damage report from the roofing company. You can also send in any pictures you might have to show the extent of the damage to your home.

Schedule an Appointment with Insurance Adjuster
Once the insurance company receives the paperwork for your claim, they will want to send an insurance adjuster to your home to inspect the roof one more time.

After the adjuster has inspected the roof, your claim will go into review. If it is approved, you’ll receive a check for half of the amount the claim was approved for. This is so you can get started on the repairs. Once the repairs are finished, you will receive a second check. If you need help filing a roof damage insurance claim in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK or would like to hire a roofer to complete the repairs, call our office at (405) 470-9115.