Green Roof Services

Is your company’s roof system aging, draining energy, and in need of services? For a more energy efficient and sustainable roofing option, you may find installations for a green roof in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK to be the perfect solution! As long-time commercial roofers, we can assist you with almost any kind of roof installation or replacement service, according to your needs. If you’d like to discover more about how our roofers can assist you, give Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction a ring at 405-470-9115!

Green Roof Installation

Green Roof Installation

There Are Different Types of Green Roofs That Can Be Installed.

If you are not entirely certain what green roofing is, you’re not alone; the phrase often references more than a single type of roofing. Often times, roof coatings are considered green roofs, primarily because they reduce the carbon footprint of your business, and positively impact the building’s energy usage. Thrown away roof materials clog landfills with large quantities of waste that stays for decades, but roof coating installations do not require roofing removal, which reduces waste. Roof coatings offer a fantastic reduction of energy waste by efficiently reflecting UV rays from the roof’s surface. As a roofing option with many benefits to the environment, roof coatings are recognized as a green roof option.

In some cases, the phrase green roofing refers to roof systems that are covered with vegetation. These types of roofs are currently more commonly used in Europe, but their natural design effectively cools the buildings they are applied on, in addition to the air surrounding them. Roofs with organic plant life have been shown to reduce temperatures within heavily populated cities very effectively. Such green roof initiatives additionally offer a great platform for the growth of local plant varieties that are otherwise out of space to grow. Green roof installation in this scenario reduces the urban heat effect and cuts down the number of greenhouse gases emitted by urban structures. In some areas, green roof systems have been utilized to cultivate vegetables for building residents, as well as to support endangered local bird varieties.

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