It’s Time for a Season Roof Inspection

Fall Leaves on a Roof, Indicating it Is Time for a Seasonal Roof Inspection.

Getting a Seasonal Roof Inspection Should Be Done Before the Weather Changes.

While it may still be hot outside, summer is coming to a close and autumn is just around the corner. Now is the time you’re transitioning your family from the fun of summer vacations and late nights back to the routine of the school year. Something you should add to your to-do list is call (405) 470-9115 and schedule an inspection for you roof. Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction offers a variety of residential services to help keep you and your family safe. Let us come inspect and repair your roof so that you can enjoy a warm safe home this fall and into the winter months.

As a homeowner there a few things you can look for on the ground to help us better understand the needs of your roof when we arrive at your home.

Missing Shingles: If you look up at your roof and notice there are places that have missing or broken shingles, your roof probably should be repaired before the seasons change.

Light coming through the ceiling: If you notice light streaming through the roof inside your home, especially in the attic, that means your roof has holes in it. This should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent leaks.

Flashing needs repair: Flashing is the seal between the fixtures on your roof and the roof itself. Hot weather can damage this seal and you should have it inspected at the end of the summer to determine if it needs repair.

If you notice these or other inconsistencies in your roofing materials, then you could have a serious problem with your roof. Call our roofing experts at (405) 470-9115 and let us perform a seasonal roof inspection and some preventative maintenance to keep your and your family safe, warm and dry as the weather starts to change.