Repair or Replace: 3 Questions to Answer First

There’s a time to repair your roof and a time to replace it altogether.  The upkeep of your roof is an important part of maintaining your home’s value.  Take a moment and answer these three questions before you choose whether to repair or replace your roof.

3 Questions

Man Attaches Shingles with Nail Gun

Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Your Rooftop? How Much Will You Pay Now vs Later?

#1 Am I covered?  Take another look at your insurance policy. Call your agent. Does your policy only protect you against storm damage, or does it also include end-of-life replacement? Knowing your coverage will help you find out which options are financially viable for your home. If your insurance will cover the complete cost of replacing your roof, it may be time to take advantage. Look to our previous post to find how to file your insurance claim for roof damage.

#2 How much am I paying (now and later)?  Consider the short-term and long-term investments you’ll need to make if you repair or replace your roof.  If you repair one section of your shingles now to extend your roof life five years and will have to pay more to replace the other sections later, is it a fiscally prudent option to replace your whole roof now?

#3 If I replace my roof, will I need to tear out my old roof?  Sometimes it’s possible to save money when replacing your shingled roof by building on top of it.  Again, this is a now or later investment question. Tearing out the old roof now often offers more flexibility to make repairs and improvements later.  

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