Cool Roof System Services

Your roof impacts your energy bill more than you might think. Traditional roofing material tends to absorb the UV rays from the sun. This creates an oven effect and raises the temperature of your office building or house. If you want to lower your energy costs, you might consider installing one of a variety of cool roof systems for your home or business. These roof systems are designed to reflect the sun’s rays, which means the interior of the building will be cooler. For more information about cool roof systems in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK call 405-470-9115. Our branch offices can also provide cool roof system installations in Yukon, King Fisher, and ADA, OK.

Benefits of Cool Roof Systems

Cool Roof Systems

A Cool Roof System Can Be Installed on Both Residential and Commercial Roofs.

Cool roof systems are made in such a way that they will absorb less heat and reflect the UV rays of the sun away from your home. The more heat that is pushed away from your roof, the less heat is getting inside the building itself. This lowers the interior temperature and decreases the load on your air conditioning systems. These roof systems typically have a lower roof surface temperature as well. This increases the lifespan of the roofing material. Cool roof systems also have a positive impact on the environment as they reduce energy use in buildings, which in turn reduces emissions from power plants producing that energy.

Cool roof systems can be applied to both residential and commercial roofs. Certain roof systems, such as single ply membranes and spray polyurethane roofs are designed to be cool roof systems. Other, more traditional roofing materials can be modified slightly to make them more reflective. Some roofs can simply be painted over with a reflective paint, turning the existing roof into a cool roof system.

Let Our Experts Help You

If you are interested in a roofing system that will reduce the amount of energy your building, then you should consider installing a cool roof system. Chisholm Trail Roofing & Construction offers services for installation on repair on many different cool roof systems. Let our roofing experts help you find the cool roof that works best for your building with our roof restoration services. Call us today at (405) 470-9115 for information about cool roof systems in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK. Don’t forget! We also have our branch offices in the Yukon, King Fisher, and ADA, OK areas.