The Difference Between Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit

Many people have never heard of the terms fascia or soffit before. Of if they have, they just know that they are part of the gutter system. But what do fascia and soffit do that differentiate themselves from gutters? This blog post briefly explains the core aspects of these three parts of the roof.


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Fascia is the exposed section beneath your gutter at the end of your roof. When you are under your house or porch and look up to see wood beams below your gutters, that is the fascia. The fascia takes most of the damage and frequently needs repair as water splash off rots the wood. Fascia repair is affordable because it is just replacing the wood beam or repainting it.


Soffit is the exposed section beneath an overhanging eave or part of the roof. If your house has gables or a pointed roof, the soffit is easily noticeable as it is the painted wood underside of the shingle or brick roofing material. Soffit is vital in helping to ventilate the attic and keep the house cool.


The gutter system is a form of drain tubes and pipes that are installed all around the base of the roof to catch runoff rainwater. This helps to prevent the roof from overflow, collapse, or leaks from the water pooling with nowhere to drain. The gutters lead the runoff water safely to the downspout at the bottom of the drainage system near the grass where it is fed into the grass.

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