What is Duro-Last roofing made of?

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Duro-Last is a prefabricated, customized, single-ply roofing system that is manufactured for entire installations in a factory-controlled environment. Eighty-five percent of the seams are finished before they deliver the product to the job site along with accessories and membranes as needed. Duro-Last roof details are ideal roofing systems for commercial buildings with flat roofing or low-sloping roofing.

Duro-last roofing systems are sold by and installed by authorized Duro-Last contractors and proven to be a durable roofing system, withstanding high winds. When compared, Duro-Last roofing vs TPO, Duro-Last roof details make it easy for authorized dealers to install after going through extensive training and can be completed with disrupting business for the occupants.

Duro-Last roofing application is a highly reflective and watertight roofing system that is chemical and fire-resistant. Your Duro-Last roof details will include the unique Duro-Last roof warranty and have Duro-Last roof vent installed to make your roofing system as complete and energy-efficient as possible.

How long does a Duro-Last roof last? 

A consideration of determining the lifespan of a roof to meet Duro-Last roof details, the area where the structure is located is key. Parts of the country have more cold weather along with ice and snow while other parts of the country have more direct sun and extreme heat with temperatures over 100 degrees.

Then there are some areas where the temperature changes may be radical from cold to hot and back to cold in a 24-hour period. The Duro-Last roof details of a with built-in reflectiveness in the membrane helps to reduce the temperature in the building.

When it comes to the various Life Cycle Assessments on Duro-Last roofing and on typical of a PVC membrane roof like Duro-Last roof, details indicate the lifespan can be as long as 30 years with regular inspection and proper maintenance. This also assumes that you complete any repairs that are found in a timely manner by an authorized DuroLast Roofing Specialist.

When trying to determine the lifespan of a commercial roof, every type of roofing material system has its own factors to be considered. As we discussed earlier, with Duro-Last roof, details such as the climate and environment where the building is located. With a maintenance program performed regularly, the recommendation is annual, and you make repairs as needed, a DuroLast roofing system’s lifespan can be extended, giving you more for your investment.

How do you clean a Duro-Last roof?

Duro-Last roofs are durable, outlast many other types of roof coatings. However, like other roof coatings, they can get dirty and lose the color that had when installed. Most Duro-Last roofs are gray or white when installed, but the environmental factors around them will fade the color and stain them.

So, are Duro-Last roofs are not 100% maintenance-free, they do need cleaning, make sure debris and limbs are removed, along with the following steps that will keep your Duro-Last roof clean and looking new:

  • One of the most important Duro-Last roof details is to keep asphalt away. The PVC membrane that makes up your Duro-Last roofing cannot come in any contact with asphalt because it will bleed into the membrane and we cannot remove it. If you are considering a Duro-Last roof and your current roof is asphalt, be sure to advise the contractors that you’re getting quotes from. An authorized Duro-Last dealer will ask you what your current roof is because they are trained with Duro-Last brand roofing about the important Duro-Last roof details.
  • If your structure already has a Duro-Last roof, keep all asphalt products away from the roof during inspections, maintenance, and repairs. This means any product that is used for repairs, such as caulks, filler, and sealants, must be free of asphalt or you risk severely damaging the roof. Every contractor that has access to your roof for maintenance or repairs, such as HVAC contractors, must be warned of all Duro-Last roof details, including not to use any asphalt-type products.
  • Another important of Duro-Last roof details is to avoid any solvent that can soften the PVC membrane of your Duro-Last roofing. Solvents can destroy the PVC membrane effect, and often when there is asphalt on a commercial flat roof, a solvent will be used to remove it. The Duro-Last roof details recommend using plain water to remove any accidental spill or use of asphalt on your Duro-Last roofing membrane.
  • Last, when the flat roof on your commercial structure gets dirty, the recommended cleaning process is to use a non-solvent clean with a soft bristle brush and scrub. Then rinse with clear water and sweep the water into the drain. If your commercial building is in the proximity to factories and other commercial or industrial structures, trees, etc., you can expect your Duro-Last roof to get dirty. This cleaning process suffices to get it clean and colorful again.
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How do I install Duro-Last Roofing?

Duro-Last is a full roofing system provider and offers several products to install the single-ply roof easily and quickly. The concrete, roofing, screws, construction, heavy-duty, and insulation fasteners, and required plates for proper insulation are available from a sister company of Duro-Last, TIP-TOP® Screw Manufacturing, Inc. They have everything needed to install a Duro-Last Roofing System that follows and meets a comprehensive control process of sixteen steps.

If you’ll be installing your Duro-Last with an adhered application, there are solvent-based and water-based membrane adhesives in addition to low-rise foam options that provide insulation. If you are planning to install your Duro-Last roofing system yourself, be certain to follow the Duro-Last roof details to make sure it is installed correctly.

Duro-Last roofing system is an excellent product that will roof your structure in a durable, long-lasting product. While you can install the product yourself, keep in mind that without the proper and thorough Dura-Last training, you could void any warranty. Having a roofing contractor that is Duro-Last certified is always the best option. 

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