Who to Call for Roof Inspection?

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When should you get a roof inspection?

Roof inspection when buying a house can be assuring or frightening. While we all understand that the roof inspection is to assure the buyer’s mortgage company all is well, we also know that it can keep the sale from going through without some modification or negotiations with the two parties. 

A roof inspection isn’t only required when buying/selling a house. Other times a house may need a roof inspection is for homeowner’s insurance, storm damage, or homeowner’s maintenance. It’s recommended to have a professional roof inspection twice per year. A springtime roof inspection and a fall time roof inspection. If you suspect damage after any significant weather event, even if you don’t see obvious signs, a roof inspection is recommended.

Who to call for roof inspection?

If you need a roof inspection for any of the following, call a licensed, professional roofing contractor: 

  • Placing your home on the market
  • The recommended twice-a-year roof inspection
  • Suspect roof damage after a significant weather event.
  • Changing homeowner’s insurance 

What do roof inspectors look for?

An experience, license roofing contractor will check the following during a basic roof inspection:

  • Broken, missing, or torn shingles
  • Excessive granule loss on shingles
  • Old or worn rubber boots around pipes, vents, other roof protrusions
  • Chimney cracks or missing chimney caps
  • Missing caulk
  • Bent, loose, missing, or rusted flashing
  • Rot or sagging roof areas
  • Bent, detached, missing, or sagging gutters

Is roof inspection free?

It can depend on the roofing contractor and the reason for the roof inspection. Free roof inspections are usually offered by a contractor that wants your business, typically after storm damage. If they do charge a fee, that amount is typically deducted from the total amount of the roofing job. 

A roof inspection prior to buying a house will usually be done by the home inspector, and for that  service, there is a charge. Typically between $250 to $400 and payable to the roof inspector who is a separate identity of your mortgage company. 

If you call a roof inspector for the first time to perform your bi-annual roof inspection, there is likely going to be a fee involved. Once you have a relationship established with a roofing contractor, the bi-annual inspection may be free. Again, this can vary from contactor to contractor, and you should verify this before scheduling the appointment. 

Do home inspectors go on roofs?

This can vary from inspector to inspector, but in general, if the inspector feels they can safely ascend the roof and perform the roof inspection safely, yes, they will climb up on the roof.  They will be checking for: 

  • Broken, cracked, missing, or warped shingles
  • Bent, loose, missing, or rusted flashing
  • Check the gutters are attached and connected, the downspouts are in good shape. 

If you have a three story or higher home, then they likely will not climb the roof. Or if the day of the roof inspection appointment, if the weather is inclement, they will decline. 

Because the roof of your home is important and provides a layer of protection, you may want to have license, professional roofing inspector to do the roof inspection, which can have a fee associated as we mentioned earlier. 

Today, many roofing contractor companies, and insurance companies are doing roof inspections via drones that are  equipped with a camera. This circumvents the entire decision if the climb is necessary and safe. 

How do you know when you need to replace your roof?

When you want to know if your roofing needs to be replaced, do your own roof inspection. How do you inspect a roof? You start in your attic with a flashlight and check the eaves.  If you see water stains or notice any moisture, at the minimum, you need roof repair. Then turn the flashlight off and if you see daylight coming through, you need a new roof. 

Shingle Check 

Next, climb up on the roof if you can safely, and check the shingles. Shingles should all be flat. If any are bent, lifted, missing, or raised, you need to have a professional roof inspection. Check the downspouts and gutter runs. If they are full of asphalt granules, you should have a professional roof inspection done. 


Check the flashing around the chimney, skylight, pipes, and vents. If it is bent, loose, missing, or rusted, you can replace these yourself or call a professional roofing contractor. They will perform a roof inspection themselves and the make suggestions on what should be done, providing you a written estimate. 

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Just how long do residential roofs last?

Asphalt shingled roofing is the most popular with a lifespan that can vary from 12 years to 25 years. The quality of the shingle is the key component and how the homeowner cares for the roof is important.  A copper, slate, or tile roof will have a lifespan up to 50 years or longer, with a wood shake roof lasting 30 years. Need a roof inspection for your home roof in Yukon and Oklahoma City, OK? Call (405) 470-9115 today.